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Petition of William Davis, of Dartmouth


Petition of William Davis, of Dartmouth, humbly sheweth: That the Town of Dartmouth, where your petitioner now dwells, as well as many of the neighbouring Towns, are much exposed to the ravages of the enemy, and almost destitute of that essential article, powder, and as there is a Company stationed at Dartmouth, by your honourable Court, for the defence of the sea-coast, your petitioner apprehends it will be very necessary for a supply of powder at hand upon all emergencies. Your petitioner humbly requests that the honourable Court would grant him a permit to send his sloop, called the Reliance, now lying at Dartmouth, ready to put to sea, with her ballast, to some of the French West-India Islands, with moneys, under such restrictions as your Honours shall see most expedient and beneficial to the publick, in order that your petitioner may procure and bring back a cargo of powder, which is much wanted in Dartmouth and the neighbouring Towns, and most essentially necessary for the preservation of the country. Your petitioner prays your Honours' consideration; and your petitioner, as in duty bound, shall ever pray.