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Report on the Petition of Thomas Jenkins


The Congress then took into consideration the Report of the Committee on the Petition of Thomas Jenkins, of the Island of Nantucket, for license to sell his cargo of Oil in this City, and to purchase a cargo of Provisions and Fuel, for the necessary use of the inhabitants of said Island, and the same was agreed to, as follows:

Resolved, That the vigilance and zeal of the Committee of the City and Liberties of Philadelphia, in preventing the said Jenkins' s cargo from being sold, contrary to the Resolutions of Congress, is highly approved.

Resolved, That it appears to this Congress, that the inhabitants of said Island are at present in great distress, for want of the necessaries of life.

Resolved, That humanity requires that some speedy measures be taken by the Congress, to enable the said inhabitants to supply themselves with necessary Fuel and Provisions.

Resolved, That the Selectmen of the Town of Sherburne, in Nantucket, prepare an estimate of the quantity of Fuel and Provisions necessary for the use of said inhabitants, and lay it before three or more Justices of the Peace for the County of Barnstable, in the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay, attested by the oath or affirmation of the said Selectmen; and that the said Justices be empowered to grant licenses, under their hands, to any master or owner of vessels in the said Island, to import Fuel and Provisions from the Colonies of Massachusetts-Bay, Rhode-Island, Connecticut, New-York, New-Jersey, Pennsylvania, lower Counties on Delaware, or Maryland, not exceeding the quantities specified in said estimate.

Resolved, Whereas it appears that the said inhabitants are in immediate danger of suffering for the want of the necessaries of life, that the said Captain Jenkins be permitted, under the inspection of the Committee of the City


and Liberties of Philadelphia, to unload and sell his present cargo, and to purchase a cargo of Fuel and Provisions, provided he shall first make oath or affirmation, before a Magistrate, and give bond that the same is, bonafide, intended for the internal consumption of the said inhabitants, and that he will use his utmost endeavours that it shall not fall into the hands of the enemies of the United Colonies.