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Bill Confirming the Proceedings


Monday, January 15, 1776.

Met according to adjournment.

The Bill for confirming and establishing the Votes, Resolves, and Proceedings of the several late Congresses of the Colony of New-Hampshire, having been read a third time,

Voted, That it pass to be enacted.

Voted, That Captain Abijah Learned be allowed and


paid out of the Treasury the sum of twenty-three Shillings and four Pence, (being so much short allowance to him in the late Pay-Roll of the Congress,) and that the President of the Council give his warrant on the Treasurer for payment thereof.

Upon reading the Petition of the Selectmen of Newington,

Voted, That they be heard thereon on Thursday next, if the General Assembly be then sitting; and if not, then, on the second day of the next session of the Assembly.

Voted, That the Members of the honourable Council, and the Members of this House, receive five Shillings per day for their attendance on the General Assembly, Sundays included, and two Pence per mile travel to and from their homes, excepting such Members as live within fifteen miles of the place where the General Assembly sits, who shall receive pay for their travel to and from their homes, and have no pay for Sundays; and that each Member living more than fifteen miles from Court shall receive pay for their travel on every adjournment of the Assembly for a longer time than from Saturday till Monday, excepting the travel on one late adjournment from Saturday till Tuesday, on which adjournment they are to receive pay for Sunday and Monday; and that they receive their pay at the end of every Session, out of the publick Treasury, on Pay-Roll to be certified by the Secretary and Clerk of the House, respectively, and lodged with the Treasurer.

Adjourned till to-morrow morning, nine o' clock.