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Letter from J. Kinsey to Samuel Tucker


July 19, 1776.

DEAR SIR: The letter you mention is marked on the back, "Favoured by Lord Howe," and came to Mrs˙ Reed enclosed in a packet from her brother. While my clerk was copying it, my barber came in, and he told Hewlings. Hewlings desired a sight, which, as it was expressly desired to be communicated to the Assembly, I did not think myself (though really inclinable to do it) at liberty to deny. He then desired he might take a copy, which copy was immediately (I have reason to think) carried and shown to Odell; since which I have shown it to such as have applied to me. I have sent, or rather written a copy to send, to our Delegates, which I intend to forward by the first opportunity. This is all the information you request.

I am, with esteem, your obedient servant,

To Samuel Tucker, Esq.