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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore,


Mrs˙ Button having produced to the Committee an Inventory of her Household Goods, Furniture, Provisions, Servants, &c˙, shipped on board the Schooner Fanny, in order to obtain permission for her departure in said vessel to the West-Indies; and it appearing by said Inventory, that four hogsheads Spirits, and sixty-nine Rum Hogsheads filled with Water, have been put on board said vessel contrary to the Resolve of the Committee of the 22d January,

Resolved, That Mrs˙ Button be not permitted to export the said Spirit or Rum Hogsheads, and that the Schooner Fanny shall not be at liberty to leave this Port without further orders, and that Mr˙ James Clarke, part owner of said Schooner Fanny, pledge his promise to the Committee, that said vessel shall not depart this Port without their leave being first obtained.

Mr˙ Clarke, agreeable to summons, attended, and pledged himself as required.