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Ordered, That Colonel Freeman, Doctor Taylor, and Colonel Farley, be a Committee to consider in what manner crimes shall be punished which may be committed by any of the Officers or Soldiers of the Forces stationed on the sea-coasts.

Resolved, that all Warrants for Staff Officers, which may in future be delivered, be dated the day they are delivered.

Resolved, That all Commissions to fill up vacancies be dated the day they are delivered.

The Committee appointed to consider some measures for making provision for the Poor of the Town of Charlestown, reported. The Report was recommitted.

Ordered, That Col˙ Grout and Mr˙ Woodbridge be added to the Committee appointed to consider the Accounts which the Committee of Safety may transmit to this Congress.


Ordered, That the Committee appointed to inspect the Letters brought by Captain Jenkins, be a Committee to consider what is best to be done with them, and that Mr˙ Dickerson be of that Committee in the room of Mr˙ Phillips.