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Delaware Council of Safety



On Monday, the 11th of September, 1775, the Council of Safety for this Colony met by appointment, at Dover, in the County of Kent, and unanimously chose John McKinley, Esq˙, President, and James Sykes, Esq˙, Secretary.

The Council continued to sit six days, and, amid a great many useful measures for protecting and defending the Country, proceeded to regulate the Militia of the several Counties, consisting of nine Battalions; three of which, in Newcastle County, under the respective commands of Colonels John McKinley, Thomas Cooch, and Richard Cantwell, Esquires, were formed into one Brigade, under Brigadier-General John McKinley, Esq˙; two in Kent County, under the respective commands of Colonels Caesar Rodney and John Haslet, and the Western Battalion of Sussex County, were formed into a second Brigade, under Brigadier-General Caesar Rodney, Esq˙; and the remaining three Battalions, under the respective commands of Colonels John Dagworthy, David Hall, and Jacob Moore, Esquires, were formed into a third Brigade, under Brigadier-General John Dagworthy, Esq. Commissions were made out for all the officers, and the seniority and command of each precisely ascertained. There are about five


thousand effective men in this Government associated and determined to defend their just rights and liberties with their lives and fortunes.