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New-Hampshire Delegates to Committee of Safety



Philadelphia, October 26, 1775.

SIR:Your favour, in Committee, of the 12th instant, is now before us, in answer to which, we say that General Washington had laid the affair of the flour ship before the Congress some days before your favour came to hand, but nothing has been concluded.

We urged that the ship and her cargo belonged to the Colony, as she was taken by our men in Provincial pay, and not by Continental forces; that we had suffered and were still suffering many losses by the taking of our ships inward and outward bound, and that before the taking of this flour ship. As soon as the matter is settled, shall inform you.

We are greatly rejoiced to hear that the batteries are in such readiness, as we have expected to hear that Portsmouth was cannonaded. Captain George Hastings (who built a ship at Kennebunk last year, and loaded with masts at Portsmouth) is now here, having been cast away on the Jersey shore, in a transport from Boston, bound to New-York, with Captain Duncan Campbell and Lieutenant Symes, and a number of men, who were employed to enlist Scotchmen in the back parts of New-York, to re-enforce the Ministerial Army; they are all close prisoners, except Captain Hastings. A quantity of goods, &c˙, is saved out of thhe ship.

I saw Captain Hastings yesterday; and as I was acquainted with him, he wanted to inform that when he sailed from Boston, the 4th instant, Captain Mowat, (Scotchman,) with three armed transports, were almost ready to go to Portsmouth, for the purpose of burning the Town; therefore, for God' s sake, be ye ready.

You mention powder. There is a joint Committee for procuring that article, of which Mr˙ Langdon is one. Every precaution is taken for ample supplies; but as the whole Continent is to be supplied, as well as the two Armies, it makes it uncertain when we can send you any.

We beg leave here to suggest that the greatest attention should be paid to the use of powder; that no cannon be fired unless drove to the last extremity.

We are sorry to see that you intended to emit more paper money; but as General Washington' s requisition demanded it, must be done. The House is now crowded with motions, otherwise should have moved for a grant of a certain sum to our Colony, which would have answered our purpose without emitting; shall do it first opportunity, but fear the want of our accounts will prevent the grant.


We some time since made a motion for the regulation of our civil Government, and this day a Committee was appointed to consider the motion and report thereon. Could have wished for a petition from our Congress, setting forth all the reasons, had been transmitted us, which would have helped the matter much.

Committee has been appointed to collect the depredations committed by the sons of tyranny through the Continent, which you will hear from.

We are, with respect, your most obedient servants,


To William Whipple, Esquire.

P˙S. Enclosed is a Resolution of Congress respecting powder.