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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


At a meeting of the Committee of Observation for Baltimore County, on Monday, the 30th January, 1775:

Present: Samuel Purviance, in the Chair, Jeremiah Townley Chase, Clerk, William Buchanan, John Smith, William Spear, Robert Alexander, Mark Alexander, James Calhoun, Richard Moale, William Smith, Francis Sanderson.

Mr˙ Merryman, who furnished Mr˙ Neill and Mr˙ Christie with the Resolve of the Committee respecting receipts on the sale of Goods, passed at the last meeting, reports, that Mr˙ Neill will pay the money as required, but that Mr˙ Christie refuses 10 pay without a receipt is given, or a copy of the Proceedings relative to that matter.

Whereupon, the Chairman was desired to write and send the following Letter to Mr˙ Christie:


January 30, 1775.

SIR: Mr˙ Merryman having reported to the Committee, that you refuse to pay the two per cent˙ advance which you agreed to give on your goods, without having a copy of the minute of our proceedings on that subject certified and delivered to you, or a receipt, I am directed to inform you, that, as soon as the money is paid, you shall have a certified copy of their proceedings. I am further directed to inform you, that they are sorry to have reason of complaint that you should discover so much inclination to recede from a measure which you agreed to with so much seeming satisfaction, and that they hope you will not oblige them to take such steps in the discharge of their trust from the publick as may, in their consequence, prove injurious or disagreeable to you.


To Mr˙ James Christie.

After which the meeting was adjourned to three o' clock, P˙ M.

Committee met at three o' clock, P˙ M.

Mr˙ James Christie paid into the Committee the sum of thirty-four Pounds ten Shillings and eight Pence, the two per cent˙ advance on the sales of the Goods in the Sims, Captain Hocker, which was, by the Treasurer, credited to the account of the Poor of Boston, agreeable to the Resolve of the Continental Congress.

A certified copy of the Proceedings relative to Mr˙ Christie' s Goods, was made out and enclosed to him, signed by the Clerk.