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Further Provision Made for the Defence of the Coast


The Council sent down the following Vote from the Board:

In Council, March 12,1776: Voted, That a Regiment of men, consisting of three hundred, be raised with all speed, to be stationed at or near Portsmouth, and to be continued in the service (unless sooner discharged) until the last day of December next; the persons appointed to inlist the men to be so chosen as that the men may be as equally taken, as possible, out of the Towns in the Counties of Rockingham, Strafford, and Hillsborough; to be paid the same wages as the Officers and Soldiers in this Colony service received last year. Also, that a Field-Artillery Company at Portsmouth (of the same number as that which, served last fall) be raised immediately. That Lieutenant-Colonel Wentworth, Colonel Evans, Colonel Moulton, and Colonel Gilman, be directed to warn all the Militia under their command to hold themselves in readiness to march at a minute' s warning, properly equipped, and with five days provision; which Militia, in case of their going into actual service, are to be paid as other Troops,

"That Sentries be fixed at Newcastle and Hampton, who, on appearance of the enemy' s Fleet, are to give the most special notice.

"Also, that persons be agreed with to hold themselves in readiness, on order from proper authority, to notify General Washington, and alarm the country, in case of the enemy' s appearance. Likewise, that an express be sent off to Cambridge, to gain intelligence of General Howe' s movements, and request a restoration of the Powder lent General Washington.

"Sent down for concurrence:

"E˙ THOMPSON, Secretary"

In the House of Representatives, March 12,1776: The above Vote of Council being read,

Voted, That the same be, and hereby is, concurred.

P˙ WHITE, Speaker.