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Meeting of Freeholders of Elizabethtown, Essex County, New-Jersey


At a Meeting of the Freeholders, of Elizabethtown, in Essex County, in the Province of New-Jersey, on Tuesday, the first day of December, 1774,

STEPHEN CRANE, Esquire, in the Chair:

The Committee of Correspondence for the County of Essex having produced the Association lately entered into by the Delegates of the American Colonies, met in General Congress, the same was read to, and then unanimously approved and adopted by the whole Assembly; who were pleased at the same time to signify their thanks to the Delegates of this Colony for their faithful services.

It was then proposed, that, pursuant to the eleventh Article of the said Association, a large Committee should be now chosen for the purposes therein mentioned, which was also agreed to, and the following persons were accordingly appointed, viz: Jonathan Hampton, Matthias Williamson, Elias Dayton, Isaac Woodruff, William Barnett, Wm˙ Herriman, Oliver Spencer, George Ross, Edward Thomas, Cornelius Hetfield, John Blanchard, Ephraim Tyrrel, Abraham Clarke, Robert Ogden, Junior, Jeremiah Smith, Richard Townley, Junior, Samuel Shotwell, David Miller, Thomas Woodruff, John Clawson, Jonathan Dayton, Ephraim Marsh, Recompence Stanbury, Jedediah Swan, William Parsons, Samuel Potter, William Bott, Jonathan Williams, Christopher Marsh, Isaac Wynants, Daniel Halsey.

After which the Committee of Correspondence informed the Assembly that, having executed the services for which they had been particularly appointed, they had thought proper to dissolve themselves, in order that the inhabitants


of the respective Precincts of the County might have the opportunity of a new choice. Whereupon Stephen Crane, John De Hart, William Livingston, William P˙ Smith, Elias Boudinot, and John Chetwood, Esquires, being of the late Committee, were unanimously re-elected for the Borough of Elizabeth, and at the same time authorized to instruct the Representatives of this County, when convened in General Assembly, to join in the appointment of Delegates for this Colony, to meet in the next General Congress, at Philadelphia. But if the said Assembly should not appoint Delegates for that purpose, by the first day of April next, then the said Committee of Correspondence to meet with the several County Committees of this Colony, and appoint the said Delegates at such time and place as shall be agreed upon by the said Committees.

The above business being finished, the Assembly unanimously

Voted, That two certain Pamphlets lately published, the one entitled A Friendly Address, &c˙; and the other under the signature of A Farmer, as containing many notorious falsehoods, evidently calculated to sow the seeds of disunion among the good people of America; grossly misrepresenting the principles of the present opposition to Parliamentary Taxations; vilifying the late Congress; and intended to facilitate the scheme of the British Ministry for enslaving the Colonies, be publickly burnt, in detestation and abhorrence of such infamous publications.

And the same were accordingly committed to the flames, before the Court House, with the universal approbation of a numerous concourse of people.