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Meeting of the Officers of Twenty Militia Companies


Kent-County upon Delaware, May 25, 1775.

The Militia Officers of above twenty Companies, chosen in the several Districts throughout said County, met together at Dover; and that the business of the day might be conducted with order and regularity, they chose Captain John Haslet, Chairman, and Lieutenant Mark McCall, Clerk.

The following Association was then drawn up, and unanimously approved and subscribed, viz:

"We, whose names are hereunto written, Military Officers, duly elected and chosen by the good people of the several Hundreds and Districts of the County of Ken upon Delaware, pursuant to the direction and recommendation of the Committee of Inspection for said County, do hereby jointly and severally, for ourselves and each of us, solemnly promise and engage, by the sacred ties of honour and love for our Country, that we and each of us will, to the utmost of our abilities, well and faithfully execute the important offices conferred upon us by our fellow-subjects, and in our military and every other capacity, at the risk of our lives and fortunes, defend the liberties and privileges of America, as well natural as constitutional, against all invaders, or such as may attempt any the least violation or infringement of them.

"And we do further, in manner aforesaid, promise and agree, that we, and each of us, will subject ourselves to such pains, penalties, military punishments, and disgrace, as Courts Martial, to be constituted from time to time of the officers of our own body, shall or may inflict on any of us offending against the rules of military discipline, or contravening, in word or deed, the true interest of America, or the spirit and principle of this Association."

The Convention next proceeded to divide the County into two Divisions, each division to contain one Regiment of men, and then chose the necessary Field-Officers for each Regiment, viz:

For the Upper Regiment.

The Honourable Ceasar Rodney, Esq˙, Colonel; Thomas Collins, Esquire, Lieutenant-Colonel; and Mr˙ French Battell, Major.

For the Lower Regiment.

John Haslet, Esquire, Colonel;

William Rhodes, Esquire, Lieutenant-Colonel; and Mr˙ Robert Hodgson, Major.

They then settled an uniform plan of their future conduct, with rules to be observed in every Company; and broke up in perfect harmony.

Published by order of the Convention: