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Message from the Governour


Tuesday, March 7, 1775.

The Governour, by Mr˙ Secretary, sent down a written Message to the House, which was read by order, and is as follows, viz:

GENTLEMEN: On Saturday last a number of Indians of the Tuscarora, Nanticoke, and Conoy Tribes, who reside on the heads of the Susquehannah, came to Town with their families, on a friendly visit to this Government.

They have represented to me that they are very poor, and in great want of clothing and other necessaries, which they earnestly request to be supplied with.

As I think humanity, as well as good policy, requires that we should comply with their request, I must recommend it to you to make immediate provision for furnishing them with a present of such goods as their necessities demand, and defraying the expenses of their journey.