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Proceedings of the Committee of Conference with General Washington


October 19, 1775.

The Members of the Committee to confer with General Washington met. Present as yesterday.

Matthew Thornton, Esq˙, President of the Convention of New-Hampshire, attending, took his seat this day.

It was now proposed for consideration, what number each Company and how many Companies each Regiment should contain.

Agreed, unanimously, That each Regiment consist of seven hundred and twenty-eight men, including Officers; that it be divided into eight Companies, each Company to consist of one Captain, two Lieutenants, one Ensign, four Sergeants, four Corporals, two Drums or Fifes, seventy-six Privates.

2d. Of what kind and quantity of provisions a Ration should consist?

Resolved, That it be as follows: One pound of beef or three-quarters of a pound of pork, or one pound of salt fish, per day; one pound of bread or flour per day; three pints of peas or beans per week, or vegetables equivalent, at six Shillings per bushel for peas or beans; one pint of milk per man per day, or at the rate of one Penny per pint; one half pint of rice, or one pint of Indian meal, per man per week; one quart of spruce beer or cider per man, per day, or nine gallons of molasses per Company of one hundred men, per week; three pounds of candles to one hundred men, per week, for squads; twenty-four pounds of soft, or eight pounds of hard soap, for one hundred men, per week.

3d. What is the best method of providing Arms for the Troops to be engaged in the new Army?

Agreed, That it be recommended to the several Conventions or Assemblies of the Colonies, respectively, to set and keep their Gunsmiths at work to manufacture good Firelocks with Bayonets; each Firelock to be made with a good Bridle Lock, three-quarters of an inch bore, and of good substance at the breech; the Barrel to be three feet eight inches in length; the Bayonet to be eighteen inches in the blade; with a steel Ramrod, the upper loop therefor being trumpet-mouthed. That the price to be given be fixed by the Assembly or Convention, or Committee of Safety of each Colony, and to import all that can be procured; and that the good Arms of such soldiers as leave the service, be retained on a valuation made of them.