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On Application from the Committee for Cumberland County


Mr˙ William Williams, one of the Deputies from Cumberland County, delivered in a Letter or Return of Field-Officers, recommended by the County Committee of Cumberland County, dated the 1st day of February last, signed Benjamin Carpenter, Chairman; which was read and filed.

Thereupon, Ordered, That Commissions issue to the


gentlemen recommended by the County Committee for Officers of the lower Regiment of Cumberland County, as follows, to wit: To William Williams, Esq˙, as Colonel; to Benjamin Carpenter, Esq˙, as Lieutenant-Colonel; to Oliver Lovel, Esq˙, as First Major; to Abijah Lovejoy, Esq˙, as Second Major; to Samuel Minor, Jun˙, Gentleman, as Adjutant, and to Samuel Fletcher, Gentleman, as Quartermaster of said Regiment.