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Officers of the Second Battalion in Suffolk County, New-York


A Return of the names of the persons for the Officers of the Second Battalion in SUFFOLK County, taken according to the directions of the Provincial Congress by the Committees of EASTHAMPTON and SOUTHAMPTON.

First Company: David Howell, Captain; Jeremiah Post, First Lieutenant; Paul Jones, Second Lieutenant; Zephaniah Rogers, Ensign.

Second Company: John Dayton, Jun˙, Captain; Isaac


Mulford Hunting, First Lieutenant; John Miller, Jun˙, Second Lieutenant; William Heges, Jun˙, Ensign,

Third Company: David Pierson, Captain; Daniel Heges, First Lieutenant; David Sayre, Second Lieutenant; Theophilus Pierson, Ensign.

Fourth Company: David Fithan, Captain; Samuel Conkling, First Lieutenant; Thomas Baker, Second Lieutenant; Daniel Conkling, Ensign.

Fifth Company: Stephen Howell, Captain; John White, Jun˙, First Lieutenant; Lemuel Wick, Second Lieutenant; Isaac Halsey, Ensign.

Sixth Company: William Rogers, Jun˙, Captain; Jesse Halsey, First Lieutenant; Henry Halsey, Second Lieutenant; Nathaniel Rogers, Ensign.

Seventh Company: Josiah Howell, Jun˙, Captain; Nathaniel Howell, First Lieutenant; Matthew Howell, Second Lieutenant; William Stephens, Ensign.

Eighth Company: Samuel L' Hommedieu, Captain; Silas Jessup, First Lieutenant; Edward Conkling, Second Lieutenant; Daniel Fordham, Ensign.

Ninth Company: John Sanford, Captain; Edward Topping, First Lieutenant; Philip Howell, Second Lieutenant; John Hildreth, Ensign.

Signed by order of the Committee:


August 15, 1775.