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Letter from Devereux Smith, Pittsburgh, to Governour Penn



Pittsburgh, June 12, 1774.

SIR: I acknowledge your Honour' s favour of the 22d of April, which was forwarded to this place a few days ago from Staunton. Mr˙ Mackay waited on my Lord Dunmore at Williambsurg, and laid before him some facts relative to Dr˙ Conolly' s conduct at this place, upon which his Lordship thought proper to enlarge us. Mr˙ Mackay wrote from Staunton, in order to acquaint your Honour thereof, but his letter was returned to this place at the same time I had the pleasure of receiving yours.

It gives me great satisfaction to find that you approve of our conduct, and should be happy to hear that those gentlemen that are gone to Williamsburg might settle with my Lord Dunmore to your satisfaction. I am much obliged by your Honour' s kindness in directing Colonel Wilson to procure bail or credit for us. I have been extremely well treated by the gentlemen of Virginiaduring my confinement.

We are in a miserable situation here at present, owing to the appearance of an Indian war (which we think unavoidable) and the tyrannical treatment we met with from Dr˙ Conolly. I have wrote to Dr˙ Smith, and gave him as exact an account of the present state of this country as I am capable of, and shall always strive to render to this Province any services in my power.

I am, with respect, sir, your Honour' s most obedient and humble servant,