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Intercepted Letters from Brook Watson


Montreal, October 19, 1775.

DEAR SIR: I know your goodness will pardon the trouble I am giving and likely to give you; the necessity of the day will plead my excuse. Will you take the trouble to forward the enclosed letters? They are of consequence to me, as well as to those to whom they are addressed.

I shall also take leave to inform you that John Orillat, a French gentleman of this Town, for whom I have great regard, and with whom I have extensive commercial concerns, is now a prisoner with the Rebels, by which his family and property suffer much. Will you, my good Sir, do me the kind office to get him exchanged, if possible, supply his wants, and return him to his family, and you will thereby render the most acceptable service to, dear Sir, your faithful humble servant, BROOK WATSON.

To Major Shirreff, Boston.

P˙S˙ The last letter from Mr˙ Orillat was dated Ticonderoga, 29th September, 1775. I hope to sail for London in ten days. B˙W.