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Instructions to the Delegates appointed to attend the Congress


The Committee appointed to prepare and bring in Instructions for the Deputies appointed to attend the ensuing Congress; a Circular Letter to the Speakers of the several Assemblies of the Colonies, and an Answer to the Governour' s Message, reported they had essayed a Draught for each of those purposes, which they presented to the Chair; and the same being read by order, were agreed to by the House, and are as they severally follow, viz˙:

Instructions to the Committee of Assembly appointed to attend the General Congress.

GENTLEMEN: The trust reposed in you is of such a nature, and the modes of executing it may be so diversified in the course of your deliberations, that it is scarcely possible to give you particular Instructions respecting it. We shall therefore only in general direct, that you are to meet in Congress the Committees of the several British Colonies, at such time and place as shall be generally agreed on, to


consult together on the present critical and alarming situation and state of the Colonies; and that you, with them, exert your utmost endeavours to form and adopt a plan which shall afford the best prospect of obtaining a redress of American grievances, ascertaining the American rights, and establishing that union and harmony which is most essential to the welfare and happiness of both countries; and in doing this, you are strictly charged to avoid every thing indecent or disrespectful to the mother state. You are also directed to make report of your proceedings to the next Assembly. Signed by order of the House,

Philadelphia, July 23, 1774.