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Memorandum. — The Committee of Safety at New-York are informed by Colonel Pierre Van Cortlandt, one of their members, that the Powder-Mill of the late Judge Livingston is now re-erected in the completest order for manufacturing Gunpowder, and that a proper manufacturer and workmen are there attending. But that the manufacturer proposes to depart soon unless Saltpetre can be procured.

The Committee of Safety conceive, that if there is Saltpetre at Philadelphia it might safely be conveyed through New-Jersey to New-Windsor, Kingston, or any part on Hudson' s River, and are humbly of opinion that, at this critical juncture, every opportunity of manufacturing Gunpowder should be embraced.

By order of the Committee of Safety:


N˙ B˙ There is a large quantity of Sulphur deposited near the said Powder-Mill.

Ordered, That Mr˙ John McKesson deliver a certified copy of the matters of this conference to the Committee, of the honourable Continental Congress, and receive from those gentlemen a copy of the Resolutions of Congress, which those gentlemen have as credentials, and which they have proposed to deliver.

The Committee of Safety returned to the Assembly Chamber in the City-Hall, and, afterwards, adjourned.