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Enclosed extracts from the Minutes and Proceedings


At a Meeting of His Majesty' s Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, Thursday, March 9th, 1775. Present: Mr˙ Jenyns, Lord Robert Spencer, Mr˙ Gascoyne, Mr˙ Jolliffe, Mr˙ Keene.

The Earl of Dartmouth, one of His Majesty' s principal Secretaries of State, attends.

The Govenour of New-York attending without, with Mr˙ Burke, agent for that Province, and also Colonel Read, lately arrived from thence; they were called in, and their Lordships resumed the consideration of the state of the disputes touching the propriety of Lands in New-York between Hudson River and Connecticut River; and Colonel Read, who is largely interested in those lands, having stated that he had material evidence and information to lay before their Lordships touching this matter, it was agreed to reconsider the propositions stated in the Minutes of the 2d instant, when Governour Tryon, who was going to Bath on account of his health, should return from thence.

Their Lordships being of opinion that it would be proper, in order to prevent any further survey or location of Lands in King' s District, and on the other Lands surrendered by Mr˙ Van Rensselaer, that a copy of the Minutes of their Lordships' proceedings on this subject should be sent to Lieutenant Governour Golden, the Secretary was ordered to transmit a copy of those Minutes, and also to give another Copy thereof to Mr˙ Savage.

A true copy: