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Letter from General Gates to General Schuyler


Head-Quarters, October 10, 1776.

(Parole, Woodhull .)

(Countersign, America .)

The guards in future are to parade at nine o' clock on the general parade.

Contrary to all good discipline, and in disobedience to the most positive orders, some officers and soldiers have presumed to shoot pigeons and other game in and about the several encampments; no less than two officers and twenty-eight men being yesterday detected in committing the above-mentioned scandalous irregularity. For their punishment the General orders the officers to oversee the men, who are, all of them, to be employed for two days in picking oakum for the use of the fleet, and such as are for the future guilty of firing their arms without orders, are to be sent to the Assistant Deputy Quartermaster-General to be dealt with in like manner.

Officer of the day for Ticonderoga, Major Rogers . Brigade-Major, Brown .

Officer of the day for Mount Independence, Major Moor . Brigade-Major, First Brigade.