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Newark, New-Jersey Committee



At a Meeting of the Committee of Observation for the Township of Newark, April 24, 1775, present, eighteen Members:

Mr˙ CALEB CAMP, Chairman.

The Chairman having opened the business of the meeting, and related the purport of the expresses lately received from Boston, the following motions were made, and agreed to unanimously:

That the members of this Committee are willing, at this alarming crisis, to risk their lives and fortunes in support of American liberty; and that it be recommended to our constituents to give all necessary support in their power to our brethren in the Province of Massachusetts-Bay, in the present alarming exigency.

That it he also recommended to the Captains of the Militia in this Township to muster and exercise their respective Companies at least once every week, and carefully to exact that each man be provided with arms and ammunition, as the Militia Law directs.

That it be requested of all heads of families and masters of apprentices, to encourage all of proper age under their


direction to learn the military exercise, and to allow them such portions of time as may be necessary to make them perfect therein.