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Ten Prisoners Taken


July 13, 1775.

A Resolve relative to Prisoners from Machias, passed, as on file.

Mr˙ Benjamin Guillam, an Armourer, had an order on the Committee of Supplies for two hundred of Iron and what Files and old Brass he has occasion for, for himself and others that work in his shop.

Mr˙ Monroe recommended Seth Johnston, of Old Rutland, and Enoch Putnam, of Granby, as proper persons for Armourers.

"Received of the Committee of Safety one Small-Arm for the use of my Company in Colonel Ward' s Regiment; which Gun I promise to return, unless lost in action, said Gun being appraised at forty-two Shillings.


Received of the Selectmen of the Town of Mendon, by the hands of Stephen Partridge, six Small-Arms, appraised at fifteen Pounds.

" Received of the Committee of Safety four Pounds each, by an order on Henry Gardner, Esquire, Receiver-General; said four Pounds to be paid us as Recruiting Officers in the late Colonel Gardner' s Regiment.

" SOLOMON BOWMAM, Lieutenant,

" CALEB BROOKS, Lieutenant."

His Excellency General Washington having this day ordered to the direction of this Committee ten prisoners, taken some time past at Machias, on board an armed Cutter, the Committee, apprehending from their commission of the 8th instant that they are altogether restricted from acting as a Committee but only in the recess of Congress, except in conformity to certain special Resolves of Congress, or for making provision for the Poor of Boston and Charlestown, and guarding against the Small-Pox, as mentioned in said commission, have resolved that the said prisoners be sent to Congress for their orders, and that Dr˙ Church be directed to attend Congress with this Resolve.


Whereas, Lieutenant Ely Stiles has represented to this Committee that he has been at considerable expense in conducting the prisoners from Machias to Head-Quarters, and desires to he repaid; but this matter not being within the powers with which this Committee is vested, they beg leave to recommend the consideration of this case to the honourable Congress.