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Letter from Governour Trumbull to the Council of Massachusetts


At a meeting of the Committee of the County of Suffolk, November 7, 1775:

Ordered, That Mr˙ Phineas Fanning be permitted to purchase and take on board his vessel, the Ranger, in this county, five hundred barrels of flour, or wheat equivalent, three hundred barrels of beef, one hundred firkins of butter, one thousand weight of leather, six hundred weight of tallow, sixteen cords of wood, three hundred pair of shoes, two hundred weight of flax, two hundred weight of hog' s lard, one hundred weight of candles, and twenty barrels of pork; to be transported to Falmouth, in the Massachusetts-Bay: and that he produce a certificate at or before the first of April next, from the Committee of Correspondence of said Falmouth, of the delivery of said goods according to their order, the danger of the seas and seizures excepted, on penalty of being advertised as an enemy to his country; said certificate to be delivered to the Chairman of the Committee of the town of Sonlhold;and that said goods be shipped under the inspection of Colonel Thomas Cushing, James Howell, Sylvester Lester, and James Havens, or either of them.

Per order: WM˙ SMITH, Chairman.

The above is a true copy of the original, taken at Shelter-Island, November 27, 1775.

RET˙ MOORE, Clerk of the Spy.