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Colonel Huntington to Governour Trumbull



Roxbury Camp, August 17, 1775.

HONOURED SIR: I have your esteemed favour of the fourteenth August, I could wish to have my companies join the regiment, but submit willingly their disposition to the publick service. If the Ministerial Troops do not leave us before some works are finished, which are near completed, and a supply of powder is in, I expect we shall be ordered to begin the salute. There is not proper and sufficient provision made for our sick, and some other necessary matters. I could wish the Governour and Council would order Gen˙ Spencer to see that it be done. Many of our sick are in a suffering condition for want of house-room, &c. Many of our soldiers might as well be at home as here, whose arms are out of order, no armourers established. I have made frequent applications for iron, but I cannot obtain any. If the officers here had authority to procure such things as the publick service absolutely requires, it would, I trust, be quickly and prudently done; but we are not willing to do much of our own heads. Brother John will be in my mess. The post calls, The enemy are now endeavouring to molest our people at work near Lamb' s Dam, by cannon and bombs.

I conclude with that I am, most respectfully, your dutiful and affectionate son,


Governour Trumbull.