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Letter to Matthew Tilghman, Chairman of Committee for Maryland


Copy of a Letter to Matthew Tilghman, Esquire, Chairman for Maryland:

New-York, July 28, 1774.

We have received your favour of 26th ultimo, which brought us your Resolutions for the people of the Province of Maryland. They were read, and their firmness and spirit much approved.

You mention the 20th September, at Philadelphia, as the time and place for the general Congress; but the Colony of Massachusetts has fixed on the 1st of September, at Philadelphia, for that purpose; and we with the rest of the Eastern Colonies have agreed to the same time and place, New-Hampshire excepted, from whence we have not yet been favoured with their sentiments on the present situation of our American affairs, so that we are uncertain how they intend acting, but are in hopes they will join in the general plan of operation.

This city and county have this day elected their five Delegates to attend at the ensuing Congress: their names are Philip Livingston, John Alsop, Isaac Low, James Duane, and John Jay; whose names will be sent up to the other counties of this Province to know if they approve of them to represent the whole Province, if not, to add such other as they shall think proper.

You have herewith the Resolves of this Committee, which seem to be, principally adopted in this city; notwithstanding, there are two other sets of resolves in the public newspapers.

The delay that has happened in fixing upon our Delegates, has prevented our answering your favour until now, for which we must beg your excuse, and remain, with great respect, gentlemen, your most humble servants.