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Examination of George Coffin



George Coffin says, that after the account received of the Congress not to ship provisions to Nantucket, the examinant, being Master of the sloop Henry, did take on board the said sloop at New-York, a cargo, or part of a cargo of provisions for Nantucket, which belonged to Abraham H˙ Van Vleck of this City; that the said vessel also belonged to him, the said Van Vleck. That the examinant sailed with the said vessel and cargo to Nantucket, and there sold the cargo, but had liberty from said Van Vleck to go to the West-lndies if he thought fit. That the cargo of provisions now on board the said sloop also belongs to the said Abraham H˙ Van Vleck, and was shipped with intention to go to Nantucket. That the cargo first above mentioned was sold for the use of the inhabitants at Nantucket. That he thinks he was about three clays taking in the first cargo, and thinks that the vessel was cleared out immediately, or very soon after the first cargo was taken on board, and thinks the vessel sailed the next day after she was cleared out. That when the vessel sailed on the said voyage, the examinant knew he was contravening the order of the Continental Congress.