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Speech from Captain Pipe to the Governour



Brother, the Governour of Pennsylvania: As soon as the Chiefs of our Nation and the Six Nations had received your belts from Captain St˙ Clair, I was appointed to carry them through all our Villages, and from thence to the Shawanese and Wyandots at Sandusky. I am now returned, and can inform you and your wise men that your messages were well received by all the Tribes, and they all long to meet you or some of your wise men in Council, to renew and brighten the chain of friendship so long subsisting between our forefathers. For our parts, we never mean to let it slip out of our hands; and it is not our fault if it should; it is not in our powers to go to you; but we know it' s in your power to come or send some of your wise men to meet us; and it never was more necessary, as this difference subsisting between the Governour of Virginia and the Shawanese gives us all great uneasiness in our minds, and though we have suffered much in some of our people being killed, yet we have done every thing in our power to get this unhappy difference made up, and have now sent a number of our wise men to assist in getting it


settled at the places our brother the Governour of Virginia appointed to meet the Shawanese, but I cannot tell whether they will agree or not. (A String.)

In two nights after my return to Colonel Croghan' s, some bad white man crossed the River in the night and stole four horses from me, which my friend Mr˙ Mackay can inform you of, which I hope you will consider and not let me be at the loss of.

THE PIPE, A Chief of the Delaware Nation.