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Letter from Thomas Palmer to General Lee



Newburgh, Ulster County,

Above the Highlands, March 6, 1776.

SIR: We this day arrived safe up the river (with the three vessels containing the cannon, shot, &c˙) at Newburgh-Landing, which is seventy miles from New-York. Our passage has been attended with much difficulty and danger, on account; of cold head-winds, and the river exceedingly full of ice. The vessels are now in safe harbour on the west shore; but on the landing opposite, on the east shore, the only place where the cannon must be landed, the flats are yet shut up with ice; but I conceive it practicable to cut a channel through to shore, which we shall attempt immediately; the carriages for the transporting the cannon are


completed, and the horses ready to proceed as soon as the cannon can be landed. The bearer, Captain Brown, has been very useful and alert with his men, in bringing the vessels thus far safe; and as we can be supplied at this port with sufficient assistance for the further procedure with the cannon, I thought it prudent, with Captain Brown' s advice, to dismiss him with his men.

I am, sir, with due respect, your most humble servant to command,


To Charles Lee, Esq˙, &c˙, &c.