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Three of the Delegates having resigned


HARTFORD, July 23. — Honourable William Samuel Johnson, Major Erastus Wolcott, and Richard Law, Esq˙, chosen by the honourable Committee of Correspondence for that Colony, at their late meeting in New-London, to meet the Delegates from the other Colonies in general Congress, at Philadelphia, haying declined that service. The Committee have agreed to meet in this town, on Wednesday, the third of August next, to appoint three other gentlemen in their stead.

August 3. — The following gentlemen were appointed at Hartford, viz: the Hon˙ Roger Sherman, Esq˙, and Capt˙ Joseph Trumbull; one of which gentlemen, with the Hon. Eliphalet Dyer, Esq˙, and Silas Deane, Esq˙, who were appointed at the former meeting, are to represent the Colony of Connecticut at the general Congress.