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Thomas Macknight, a Delegate for Currituck County


Thursday, April 6, 1775.

The Convention met, according to adjournment.

Mr˙ William Robson, one of the Delegates for Pitt County, appeared, and took his seat in Convention.

On motion, Resolved, That each and every County in this Province raise, as speedily as possible, the sum of Twenty Pounds, Proclamation Money, to be collected by the respective Delegates of each County, in manner as shall appear to them most convenient, and pay the same into the hands of Richard Caswell, Esquire; to be by him equally divided among the Delegates appointed to attend the General Congress at Philadelphia, as a recompense for their trouble and expense in attending the said Congress.

Mr˙ Thomas Macknight, a Delegate for the County of Currituck, having been called upon to sign (with the other Members of this Convention) the Association, approved of by the Continental Congress held at Philadelphia, thereupon refused, and withdrew himself:

Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Convention, that from the disingenuous and equivocal behaviour of the said Thomas Macknight, it is manifest his intentions are inimical to the cause of American Liberty; and we do hold him


up as a proper object of contempt to this Continent, and recommend that every person break off all connection, and have no future commercial intercourse or dealing with him.

Resolved, That the above Resolve be published in the Gazettes of this and the neighbouring Colonies.

The Convention adjourned till to-morrow morning nine o' clock.