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Committee met


New-York, November 15, 1774.

The Committee met, by adjournment, this evening: Present,

Isaac Low, Chairman,
John Alsop,
James Duane,
Philip Livingston,
John Jay,
William Bayard,
Theophilact Bache,
John De Lancey,
Nicholas Hoffman,
William Walton,
Hamilton Young,
Charles Nicholl,
Henry Remsen,
Peter Van Schaack,
Joseph Bull,
Charles Shaw,
John Thurman,
Benjamin Booth,
William McAdam,
Peter T˙ Curtenius,
Abraham Duryee,
John Moore.

Ordered, That when a Committee for carrying the Association of the Congress into execution shall be elected, this Committee do consider themselves as dissolved; and that this resolution be immediately made public.