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Newbern (North-Carolina) Committee



Committee Chamber, Newbern, August 14, 1775.

Whereas, all those who have not subscribed the Articles of Association, have sufficiently testified to the publick that they are enemies to the liberties of America; and as the principles of self-preservation make it absolutely necessary that they should be deprived of their Arms, therefore, it is

Ordered, That the Captains of the several Companies in this County and Town require of all such suspected persons as well their Fire-Arms, as Swords, Cutlasses, &c˙ &c˙, and all Gunpowder, Lead, and other Military Stores; and that the said several Captains be empowered to give receipts for all such Guns, &c˙ &c˙, and deliver them out to such persons of his or their Company, not having Arms, &c˙ &c˙, as may be willing to serve in the American cause.

By order:

R˙ COGDELL, Chairman.