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Ulster County Committee to New-York Congress



Kingston, August 14, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: As our officers have made a promise to the men they have enlisted in the Continental service, that each soldier should have a coat, a drilling jacket, and breeches, two shirts, two pair of stockings, a pair of shoes, and a hat, over and above their monthly pay and subsistence:

Whereas Colonel Wynkoop has received orders to march the companies that are here raised, and has also received a resolve of your honourable Board, that each man is to have only a coat and blanket, which makes the soldiers almost in general very uneasy, and say they will not stir or march before they have received what is promised to them by the officers, or at least that the officers shall pass their word that they shall receive their full clothing in Albany, (then they are willing to march immediately;) we are at a loss how to act in this affair. We beg the favour of you to lay this matter before the Congress immediately, for their further orders and directions. In case the men shall not be allowed any more than a coat and a blanket, we are afraid the men almost in general will refuse to march. We beg of you to send us further directions, by this express, without fall. The Colonel has ordered the companies to march the latter end of this week.

We are, Gentlemen, your most obedient and most humble servants. By order of the Committee: