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Account of Ordnance and Military Stores


May 15, 1775.

The Sub-Committee, appointed to apply to the Committee of Supplies for a particular account of the Ordnance and Military Stores, reported, and handed into the Committee the following List, viz:

A List of Military Stores under the care of Captain FOSTER, viz:

At Cambridge; — pick axes, 460: hatchets, 23: seven-inch shells, 298: spades, 190: pieces of cannon 24 : axes, 156: boxes of grape shot, 41 1/4 : hogsheads of flints containing 75,000, .2: carpenter' s tool chests, 2: boxes of axes, 4 : 4 barrels 1 cask leaden balls: boxes of small arm cartridges, 18: barrels of bomb fuses, 1: barrels of matches, 1: chests of tin cannisters, 2: boxes of paper for cartridges, 1 : nine-pound ball, 607: six-pound balls, 1123: four-pound ditto, 200: two-pound ditto, 800: seven-inch shells, 298: twenty-four pound ball, 122: three-pound ditto, 620 : No˙ 1 and 2 paper cartridges for cannon boxes, 2: one barrel containing four tube cannisters, 16 straps, 4 packs, 4 powder-horns, 5 skeins dry matches : 1 barrel of cannisters filled with langrage, but no cartridges affixed to them, for 6 pounders: 4 casks, marked, paper cartridges filled: 1 barrel, marked, 84 two-pound cartridges.


Under the care of Colonel BARRETT and Captain HEYWOOD.

Musket balls, 9,000: grape shot, 1,600: bar lead, 700: musket cartridges, about 3,000 weight: 3 barrels of bandages.

More at CAMBRIDGE, under the care of Captain FOSTER.

2 casks of tubes: 1 barrel, marked, 60 cases with flannel cartridges for three pair single fortified guns : 2 barrels containing case shot, part fuses and tubes: 1 barrel containing a number of paper cartridges not filled: 2 casks of cases with flannel cartridges, marked I˙ T˙ T˙



By order of the Committee.

Moved and Voted, That the original list of Military Stores be handed in to the Council of War; and it was handed in accordingly.