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Letter from the Speaker of the Assembly of New-York


Mr˙ Speaker laid before the House a Letter received in their recess from the Speaker of the House of Assembly of the Colony of New-York, with sundry Papers therein referred to, which were read by order, and the said Letter is as follows, viz:

"New-York, April 10, 1775.

SIR: By an order of the General Assembly of this Colony, I am directed to transmit you the enclosed papers upon the subject of the unhappy situation of American affairs; they contain a List of Grievances, with the Resolutions of the House in consequence thereof, and also a Petition to the King, a Memorial to the House of Lords, and a Representation and Remonstrance to the Commons of Great Britain. I am also directed to request of you to lay the same before the House of Assembly of your Colony at their first meeting after the receipt hereof. I shall only add that our Assembly stands adjourned until the third day of May next, and that I am, respectfully, Sir, your most humble servant,


" To the Speaker of the General Assembly of the Province of Pennsylvania."