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William Cock and Thomas Cock


The Petition of William Cock and Thomas Cock, of Oyster-Bay, in Queen' s County, was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

"To the Honourable Provincial Congress of NEW-YORK, The Petition of WILLIAM and THOMAS COCK, of OYSTER-BAY, in QUEEN' S County, humbly showeth:

"That we, your Petitioners, are inhabitants of said County, and that, at the last election of Deputies for the Provincial Congress, we opposed the election of Deputies for said County; since which we are convinced of our error, and think it was absolutely necessary that there should be a representation of said County in the Provincial Congress; and that your Petitioners did not oppose the choice of said Deputies from any desire or inclination of injuring this country, but was owing entirely to error of judgment; and that your Petitioners are ready to obey all orders and recommendations of the Continental and the Provincial Congress. Your Petitioners, therefore, desire that your honourable body will take our case into consideration, and grant us such relief in the present case as to you shall seem meet.



"New-York, February 19; 1776."

On hearing the said Petition read, and upon due consideration thereof, and considering that any former Resolves of this Congress against the Delinquents of Queen' s County were only intended to convince them of their error, and bring them to a just sense of their duty to the publick:

Ordered, That the said Petitioners be restored to the state and condition in which they were before the passing of these Resolves, during their respective good behaviours.

Ordered, That the Petitioners have their Petition and this Order published in the Newspapers.