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Ten Prisoners



Ordered, That Major Fuller of Newton, Col˙ Farley, Mr˙ Crane, Captain Stone, and Major Fuller, be a Committee to examine the Prisoners brought from Machias, and report what is best to be done with them.

Ordered, That Colonel Mosely, Mr˙ Woodbridge, and Mr˙ Kollock, he a Committee to consider Lieutenant Ely Styles' s Account of the expense of bringing ten Prisoners from Machias.

The Committee last mentioned having attended the service to which they were appointed, reported the following Resolve, which was accepted, viz:

Resolved, That the Receiver-General be, and he is hereby directed to pay Lieutenant Ely Styles the sum of six Pounds, twelve Shillings, in full discharge of the money he expended in bringing a number of Prisoners from Machias to Watertown.

The Committee appointed to consider what is best to be done with the ten Prisoners, brought from Machias, reported. Whereupon,

Resolved, That the Commanding Officer of the Town of Watertown be desired to appoint some officer, with a guard of not more than eight men, to conduct the said Prisoners


to the Jail in Worcester to-morrow morning; that Captain Crafts be desired to take care of the said Prisoners till that time, and that the officer who may be appointed to conduct said Prisoners to Worcester, be empowered to draw on Captain Brown, the Commissary in this Town, for so much Provisions as may be necessary for their support to Worcester, and Captain Brown is directed to supply them accordingly.

The Report above mentioned was reconsidered, amended, and accepted, and is as follows, viz:

Resolved, That Thomas Skinner, a seaman, William Nurse, a marine, John Burrows, a seaman, Nicholas Durham, a marine, Peter Larcher, a sailor, Thomas Crispo, Joseph Temple, sailors, William Bishop, a sailor, and John Pardoa, a marine, Prisoners, all taken aboard the armed schooner called the Margaretta, commanded by Matthew Moor, near Machias, be all sent, under a proper guard, to the common Jail in the County of Worcester; and the Jail Keeper is hereby directed to receive them therein, and provide for them, and detain them there till the further order of this Congress, or the House of Representatives of this Colony.