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Colonel McDougall Informed the Congress that General Washington had, by Letters, requested a quantity of Shells and Shot, and desired they might be forwarded; that he had procured Captain Proby to take those stores, at a time when the weather was bad, and some risk In the conveyance; that thirty-five Pounds is due to Jacob Proby for that service.

Ordered, That Peter V˙ B˙ Livingston, Esq˙, as Treasurer of this Congress, pay to Jacob Proby the sum of thirty-five Pounds for transporting sundry Ordnance Stores from Turtle-Bay to New-London, by order of General Washington, and that Mr˙ Livingston take Captain Proby' s receipt for the same.

Colonel McDougall informed the Congress that Major-General Lee had ordered Captain Silleck, in an armed vessel, of Connecticut, down here with Provisions; that the said vessel is without Gunpowder, and that General Lee requests that a hundred weight of Gunpowder may be delivered to Captain Silleck, for the use of said vessel.

Thereupon an order was given for his use in the words following, to wit:

At the request of Major-General Lee, communicated by Colonel McDougall,

Ordered, That Mr˙ Norwood, Commissary of Stores for this Colony, deliver to Captain Silleck one hundred weight of Gunpowder, for the use of an armed Tender (belonging to the Colony of Connecticut) under his command.