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Letter from Severyn T. Bruyn


A Letter from Severyn T˙ Bruyn, dated Ulster County, Bruynswick, February 15, 1776, was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

"Ulster County, Bruynswick, February 5,1776.

"GENTLEMEN: I herewith return to your Honours a commission which was handed to me, to be Adjutant of the Regiment of Minute-men of the southern part of the County of Ulster, of which Thomas Palmer, Esq˙, is the Colonel, whereof I must acquaint your Honours I cannot, in justice to myself, accept, as I was informed. some time last fall I was recommended to your House (by two of the Deputies of this County then in Congress) to be First Major of a Regiment of Minute-men, of which George Clinton, Esq˙ was to be Colonel; which was resolved on, and entered in your Minutes; which proceedings were communicated to me, and I accepted, to serve my country in that capacity; which was made publick at sundry meetings of officers, and particularly at a meeting of the Field-Officers of this County for the choosing or nominating a Brigadier-General, where I was desired to meet, and accordingly did, and gave my vote as a Major. And now, to be tossed out, and put into a lower commission, I cannot accept thereof, without degrading myself to the lowest degree. However, I still can serve the country as a private, and not be dependant for my living on a commission.

" I am, gentlemen, your most humble servant,


"To the Honourable the Provincial Congress of New-York."


Ordered, That the Letter from S˙ T˙ Bruyn be referred to the Members of Ulster County, and that they make report with all convenient speed.