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Colonel Joseph Reed to Captain Coit



Camp at Cambridge, October 29, 1775.

SIR: Your favour of the 26th instant came to hand this moment. I am very sorry for the accident that happened, but we hope more care will be taken in future. The vessel was well recommended, and as she is a good sailer, we hope you will soon put yourself in a better. We expect a brig and a schooner, taken at Martha' s Vineyard, will be in Plymouth in a few days. Major Tapper, who took them, requested they might be fitted out from hence, to which the advance of the season, &c˙, was objected; but the General consented he might take one of them, if he could man and fit her out at Plymouth immediately. If he should want one of them, he is to have her upon those terms; but you may have the other, if you can immediately shift into her, without loss of time; but we rather wish you should proceed in the Harrison, as she is fitted out, and sails well. There are a great many vessels on the coast, so that you may do your Country great service, and acquire much honour yourself, if you proceed immediately. It is under the consideration of Congress to give the officers and men one clear third of the whole, without any reserve; which I mention for your encouragement.

I wish you all possible success; and am, Sir, your very humble servant, JOSEPH REED, Sec' y.

To Captain Coit, Plymouth.