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Town-Meeting, Portsmouth, New-Hampshire



Extracts of sundry Votes passed at a Town-Meeting held at the North Meeting-House in Portsmouth, May 15, 1775:

Voted, That the Town will aid and assist the Committee that is or shall be chosen in behalf of this Town, to preserve the peace and order of it, whenever the Committee shall judge occasion may require.

And that this Committee be fully empowered to inquire touching any obnoxious persons who may flee to this Town for an asylum, and that they shall judge whether it is expedient any such refugees to reside here or depart from it; and any inhabitant of this Town who shall be obnoxious, shall be only accountable to the Committee for their conduct.

Voted, That no other persons but the Committee shall concern with any such refugees; but if any person shall know of any such obnoxious persons coming into Town, the earliest notice thereof should be given the Committee.

Voted, That the Committee be empowered to call before them, and upon proper evidence to pass censure upon, any inhabitants of this Town who shall dare to transgress any of the preceding votes, or in any manner to disturb the peace of the Town.

Voted, That it is recommended to the inhabitants of this Town to refrain from purchasing any Lamb that shall be killed before the first day of August next, and that they kill no Lambs before that time.


Voted, That the Town recommend the use of fresh Fish to the inhabitants, twice a week at least.