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Resolutions of the General Assembly of Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations



At the General Assembly of the Governour and Company of the English Colony of Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations, in New-England, in America, begun and holden by adjournment at Newport, within and for the said Colony, on the second Monday in June, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy-four, and in the fourteenth year of the reign of his most sacred Majesty, George the Third, by the grace of God, King of Great Britain, and so forth.

This Assembly taking into their most serious consideration several Acts of the British Parliament for levying taxes upon his Majesty' s subjects in America, without their consent; and particularly an Act lately passed for blocking up the port of Boston; which Act, even upon the supposition, that the people of Boston had justly deserved punishment, is scarcely to be paralleled in history for the severity of the vengeance executed upon them; and also considering to what a deplorable state this and all the other Colonies are reduced, when, by an Act of Parliament, in which the subjects of America have not a single voice, and without being heard, they may be divested of property, and deprived of liberty; do, upon mature deliberation,

Resolve 1st. That it is the opinion of this Assembly that a firm and inviolable union of all the Colonies, in counsels and measures, is absolutely necessary for the preservation of their rights and liberties; and that, for that purpose, a Convention of Representatives from all the Colonies ought to be bolden in some suitable place, as soon as may be, in order to consult upon proper measures to obtain a repeal of the said Acts, and to establish the rights and liberties of the Colonies upon a just and solid foundation.

2d. That the Honourable Stephen Hopkins, and the Honourable Samuel Ward, Esqrs˙, be, and they are hereby appointed by this Assembly to represent the people of this Colony, in a general Congress of Representatives from the other Colonies, at such time and place as shall be agreed upon by the major part of the Committees appointed, or to be appointed by the Colonies in general.

3d. That they consult and advise with the Representatives of the other Colonies who shall meet in such Congress, upon a loyal and dutiful petition and remonstrance to be presented to his Majesty, as the united voice of his faithful subjects in America, setting forth the grievances they labour under, and praying his gracious interposition for their relief. And that in case a major part of the Representatives of all the Colonies shall agree upon such petition and remonstrance, they be empowered to sign the same in behalf of this Colony.


4th. That they also consult upon all such reasonable and lawful measures as may be expedient for the Colonies, in an united manner, to pursue in order to procure a redress of their grievances, and to ascertain and establish their rights and liberties.

5th. That they also endeavour to procure a regular annual Convention of Representatives from all the Colonies, to consider of proper means for the preservation of the rights and liberties of all the Colonies.

6th. That the Speaker of the lower House transmit as soon as may be, copies of these Resolutions to the present or late Speakers of the respective Houses of Representatives of all the British Colonies upon the Continent.

HENRY WARD, Secretary.



* The Assembly met, at the Court House in Newport, on Monday, June 13, 1774; and on Wednesday adopted these Resolutions, which passed unanimously, except one, to which there were only two or three dissentients.