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Protest of a number of Inhabitants of Annapolis


Annapolis, May 30,1774.

A publication of the enclosed Protest, supported by a considerable number of the Inhabitants of the City of Annapolis, will, it is presumed, furnish the most authentic grounds for determining the sense of the majority on a question of the last importance.

We whose names are subscribed, inhabitants of the city of Annapolis, conceive it our clear right, and most incumbent duty, to express our cordial and explicit disapprobation of a Resolution which was carried by forty-seven against thirty-one, at the meeting held on the 27th instant.

The Resolution against which we protest in the face of the world is the following:

"That it is the opinion of this meeting that the gentlemen of the law of this Province, bring no suit for the recovery of any debt due from any inhabitant of this Province to any inhabitant of Great Britain, until the said Act be repealed."


1. Because we are impressed with a full conviction, that this resolution is founded in treachery and rashness, inasmuch as it is big with bankruptcy and ruin to those


inhabitants of Great Britain, who, relying with unlimited security on our good faith and integrity, have made us masters of their fortunes; condemning them unheard, for not having interposed their influence with Parliament in favour of the town of Boston, without duly weighing the force with which that influence would probably have operated, or whether, in their conduct, they were actuated by wisdom and policy, or by corruption and avarice.

2. Because, whilst the inhabitants of Great Britain are partially despoiled of every legal remedy to recover what is justly due to them, no provision is made to prevent us from being harrassed by the prosecution of internal suits, but our fortunes and persons are left at the mercy of domestic creditors, without a possibility of extricating ourselves, unless by a general convulsion; an event, in the contemplation of sober reason, replete with horrour.

3. Because our credit as a commercial people will expire under the wound; for what confidence can possibly be reposed in those who shall have exhibited the most avowed and most striking proof, that they are not to be bound by obligations as sacred as human invention can suggest.

Lloyd Dulany,
William Cooke,
James Tilghman,
Anthony Stewart,
William Steuart,
Charles Steuart,
David Steuart,
Jonathan Pinkney,
William Tuck,
Thomas Sparrow,
John Green,
James Brice,
George Gordon,
John Chalmers,
John Anderson,
John Unsworth,
James Taylor,
William Cayton,
George Ranken,
Robert Moor,
Jonathan Parker,
Brice Selden,
John Varndel,
John Annis,
Robert Ridge,
Robert Nixon,
Thomas Kirby,
William Edwards,
Robert Lambert,
William Eddis,
John Clapham,
Elie Vallette,
Robert Buchanan,
William Noke,
James Brooks,
Richard Murrow,
John Brown,
John Hepburn,
Colin Campbell,
Nathaniel Ross,
William Niven,
James Kingsbury,
James Barnes,
John Sands,
James Williams,
Joseph Williams,
John Howard,
William Munroe,
John D˙ Jaques,
John Norris,
John Steele,
N˙ Macubbin,
Thomas Hammond,
Thomas Pipier,
Thomas Neal,
William Tonry,
James McKenzie,
Nicholas Minsky,
Martin Water,
John Warren,
William Chambers,
James Clarke,
Denton Jacques,
Joseph Dowson,
Thomas Macken,
Richard Burland,
Dan˙ Dulany, of Dan˙,
R˙ Molleson,
Robert Couden,
William Aikman,
Geroge French,
John Parker,
Archibald Smith,
Thomas Bonner,
Matthias Mae,
Alexander McDonald,
David Crinnig,
John Timmis,
David Atchison,
James Maynard,
William Harrison,
Robert Kirkland,
William Ashton,
Robert Morrison,
Charles Bryan,
John Haragan,
Hugh Hendley,
Richard Thompson,
Reverdy Ghislein,
Charles Marckel,
John Randall,
William Stiff,
James Mitchell,
Charles Roberts,
Samuel Skingle,
Thomas Stiff,
Henry Jackson,
William Devenish,
James Hackman,
Charles Barber,
John Evitts,
James Maw,
Jordan Steiger,
Joseph Richards,
Edward Owens,
Thomas Prysse,
J˙ Wilkinson,
Robert Key,
Lewis Jones,
William Willatt,
John King,
William Prew,
Thomas Towson,
William Howard,
John Donaldson,
D˙ Dulany, of Walter,
William Worthington,
Thomas B˙ Hodgkin,
William Wilkins,
Thomas French,
Joseph Selby,
William Gordon,
Thomas Hyde,
John Maconochie,
Philip Thomas Lee,
John Ball,
Samuel Owens,
Samuel Ball,
Thomas Braithwaite,
James Murray,
Richard Mackubin,
Michael Wallace,
William Hyde,
Nathan Hammond,
Peter Psalter,
Joseph Brouing,
Thomas Hincks,
Lewis Neth,
Edward Dogan,
J˙ H˙ Anderson,
Richard Burt,
Henry Horsley,
Cornelius Fenton,
Richard Addams,
George Ranken, Sen˙,
Edward Wilmot,
Robert Lang,
George Nicholson,
Benjamin Spriggs,
John Horton,
Charles Wright,
Constantine Bull,
Amos Edmons,
Henry Sibell,
Joshua Cross,
John Woolford,
Samuel H˙ Howard,
Oliver Weeden,
Alexander Finlater,
Cornelius McCarty,
Jonathan Simpson