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Richard Henry Lee, from Virginia, attended Rules of Order


Tuesday, September 6, 1774, ten o' clock, A˙ M.

The Congress met according to adjournment.

Present: The same Members as yesterday, and moreover, from the Colony of Virginia, Richard Henry Lee, Esquire.

The Congress resuming the consideration of Rules of Conduct to be observed in debating and determining the Questions that come under consideration,

Resolved, That in determining Questions in this Congress, each Colony or Province shall have one vote. — The Congress not being possessed of, or at present able to


procure proper materials for ascertaining the importance of each Colony.

Resolved, That no person shall speak more than twice on the same point without leave of the Congress.

Resolved, That no Question shall be determined the day on which it is agitated and debated, if any one of the Colonies desire the determination to be postponed to another day.

Resolved, That the Doors be kept shut during the time of business, and that the Members consider themselves under the strongest obligations of honour to keep the proceedings secret, until the majority shall direct them to be made publick.

Resolved, unanimously. That a Committee be appointed to state the Rights of the Colonies in general, the several instances in which these lights are violated or infringed, and the means most proper to be pursued for obtaining a restoration of them.

Ordered, That the appointment of the Committee, and the number of which it shall consist, be deferred until tomorrow.

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to examine and report the several Statutes which affect the Trade and Manufactures of the Colonies.

Same order as above respecting the appointment and number of this Committee.

Resolved, That the Reverend Mr˙ Duche be desired to open the Congress to-morrow morning with Prayers, at the Carpenter' s Hall, at nine o' clock.

Adjourned to five o' clock this afternoon.

Five o' clock, P˙ M.

Congress met according to adjournment.

Thomas Johnson, Jun˙, Esquire, one of the Delegates from Maryland, attended and took his seat.

Extract from the Minutes of the Directors of the Library Company of Philadelphia, dated August 31, 1774, — directed to the President, was read as follows:

"Upon motion, ordered,

"That the Librarian furnish the gentlemen who are to meet in Congress, with the use of such books as they may have occasion for during their sitting, taking a receipt for them. Signed by order of the Directors,


Ordered, That the Thanks of the Congress be returned to the Directors of the Library Company of Philadelphia for their obliging order.

Adjourned until nine o' clock to-morrow.