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Motion by Mr. Smith and Mr. Clarkson


Mr˙ Smith, seconded by Mr˙ Clarkson, made a motion in the words following, viz:

I move that the Committee address his Honour the Lieutenant Governour, requesting that he would immediately apply to General Gage to give orders, in case any Troops, should arrive here from Great Britain or Ireland, that they encamp on Staten Island, and not be permitted to land it this City; and that in case any Troops should arrive here before an answer can be bad from General Gage, that in that case his Honour would apply to the Commanding Officer of such Troops, requesting that they may be landed and encamped on Staten Island.

Which being unanimously agreed to,

Ordered, That an Address be accordingly drawn up and ingrafted in the former Address ordered to be presented to his Honour.

A Letter, dated Newark, 5th May, 1775, from the Committee of Correspondence, received and read.

A Letter, dated Suffolk County, 5th May, 1775, from William Smith, received and read.

Mr˙ Scott, from the Committee of Correspondence, reported the draught of a Letter in answer to one of the 3d instant from Albany, which being read and approved of,

Ordered, That the same be engrossed and forwarded,

The Committee adjourned till to-morrow, the 9th instant,