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Fairfax County



At a Meeting of the Committee for Fairfax County, Va˙, in the Town of Alexandria, on Monday, the 19th day of December, 1774, Messrs˙ Fitzgerald and Peers informed the Committee that the Ship Hope, Thomas Ash, master, had arrived in this Colony since the first instant, from Belfast, with sundry packages of Irish Linen, amounting as per invoice and bills of parcels produced, with freight, commission, and insurance, to eleven hundred and one Pounds, four Shillings and eight Pence, sterling, their property, and requesting that the same should be sold, agreeable to the tenth Article in the Continental Association.

Ordered, That the said Goods be sold by the package to the highest bidder, for ready sterling money, on Saturday next, at three o' clock in the afternoon, under the direction of John Carlyle, William Ramsay, George Gilpin, John Dalton, and William Hartshorne, or any three of them; that they, or any three of them, reimburse and pay to the said Messrs˙ Fitzgerald and Peers, out of the sale thereof, the first cost and charges as aforesaid; and if any profit shall arise from such sale, that they retain the same in their hands, for relieving and employing such of the poor inhabitants of the Town of Boston, as are sufferers by the Boston Port Bill, subject to the direction of the Committee for the said County of Fairfax.