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Mr. Dexter' s Letter to Congress


Ordered, That the Honourable Mr˙ Dexter be desired to attend his duty on the Committee for countersigning the Treasurer' s Notes immediately.

Mr˙ Dexter transmitted the following Letter to the Congress, which was read:

Dedham, May 25, 1775, P˙M.

HONOURABLE GENTLEMEN: I was under a necessity to come home last evening. Had I been at Congress to-day, and been as unwell as I am at present, I should have very poorly performed my duty respecting the Notes. I found myself so indisposed this morning that I ventured to conclude to tarry till to-morrow morning at home. I am inclined to attend the business, and, sick or well, will endeavour to be early at Watertown for that purpose.

With much regard, I am, gentlemen, your very humble servant,