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Petitions from Joseph Simpson, John Campbell, and Alexander Ross, for losses in the late expedition against the Indians


The Convention being informed that a Vessel, belonging to Messrs˙ Gibson & Co˙, was about to sail for Great Britain with Naval Stores,

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Committee for the County of Nansemond not to permit the said Vessel to proceed to sea, till the further order of this Convention.

A Petition of Joseph Simpson, and John Campbell, was presented to the Convention, and read; setting forth, that they had supplied the Soldiery under the command of Lord Dunmore, in the late expedition against the Indians, with sundry articles, which were appraised agreeably to law, the amount of which appraisement, the Commissioners appointed to settle the Accounts of the Militia lately drawn out into actual service, refused to allow them; that they had advanced to Major John Connolly sums of Money, and other things to a considerable amount, depending wholly upon his pay as an officer, which he had assigned to them before he had attempted to perpetrate his diabolical plot, which the said Commissioners also refused to allow them; that they have claims against the publick, for assignments from sundry officers and men who were in service at Fort Pitt before the 26th of May, 1774, and from sundry artificers for their pay whilst employed in repairing Fort Pitt and building Fort Fincastle, and for sundry materials used in those works, for all which they pray such allowance as shall be found to be just.

Also a Petition of Alexander Ross, setting forth that William Thompson, together with your Petitioner, purchased of the Crown the buildings and materials belonging to Fort Pitt when they were evacuated, and occupied the same till some time in the year 1774, when Major John Connolly, by command of Lord Dunmore, took possession thereof for the use of this Colony, and had the same appraised by proper judges, upon oath, to the sum of 14821. 17s˙ 2d˙, besides sundry articles, the sole property of your Petitioner, appraised to 314l˙ 1s˙ 9d˙, and retained the same till the month of August last, when Captain John Neavill, by direction of this Convention, took possession thereof for the defence of this Colony; and praying the premises may be taken into consideration, and such relief granted them as their case shall be found to deserve.

Ordered, That the said Petitions be referred to Mr˙ Mercer, Mr˙ Neavill, Mr˙ Rootes, Mr˙ Harvie, Mr˙ Muhlenburg, Mr˙ Richard Lee, Mr˙ Henry Lee, Mr˙ Carrington, Mr˙ Peyton, Mr˙ William Cabell, Mr˙ Thos˙ Walker, Mr˙ Andrew Lewis, Mr˙ Adams, Mr˙ Gary, Mr˙ Smith, and Mr˙ Taylor, and they are to report the same, with their opinion thereupon, to the Convention.